2013 Academy Graduation Photo

The members of the Lacey Township Police Department would like to congratulate Officers Michael Hein, Daniel Ricciardella, Anthony Sarno, and Scott Keefe for their graduation from the Ocean County Police Academy on Wednesday, September 18, 2013. Officer Michael Hein graduated #1 in the class as the high academic award winner (valedictorian). Officer Hein gave the valedictorian speech at graduation and Officer Sarno was bestowed the honor of being selected by the class to present the academy plaque to the director on behalf of Class #96. All four new officers represented Lacey well during the nearly five month training academy. The new officers will now enter the police department’s formal field training program. They should be able to complete their field training by the first week in December. Their availability is essential, as the Lacey Township Police Department has experienced four more retirements in the past 10 months with three more impending retirements over the next 9 months. Depicted in the photo from left to right: Sergeant Patrick Ganley (liaison to the academy); Officer Anthony Sarno; Officer Michael Hein; Officer Daniel Ricciardella; Officer Scott Keefe; and Chief David A. Paprota.