Meet the Officer Day 2016 - Flyer

Meet-the-Officer Day Event (Saturday 5/21/16) – The officers and staff of the Lacey Township Police Department are looking forward to the “Meet-the-Officer Day” event scheduled for this Saturday at the Lacey Middle School (all activities indoors). The event is sponsored by Lacey PBA Local #238 and the Lacey Municipal Police Foundation. While supplies last, there will be prizes, food and refreshments, music and games, and everyone will have the opportunity to meet and speak with the officers and staff of the police department who serve Lacey Township. This event is an integral part of the COPs Collectible Card Program which is in Week #7. Lacey students will have the opportunity to collect additional cards and have them signed by the officers and staff.

The entire event is free of charge and the giveaways will include t-shirts, bicycle helmets, and more! Members of the community are welcome to stop in at any time during the event. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Lacey Middle School on Saturday! – Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D.