Very Small PatchTelephone Fraud Attempt – On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. a resident of Forked River reported that she received a phone call from someone identifying himself as an employee from Microsoft and informing her there was a problem with her computer. The supposed “employee” asked  her to allow him to remotely access her home computer. The complainant did not feel comfortable giving this supposed “employee” any information and when she told him that, the supposed “employee” hung up the phone. The complainant called back the number on her caller ID and it came back to “Tiger Direct.” The representative for Tiger Direct advised the complainant that no one in their company had made the call and the subject that made the call must have disguised his Caller ID for “Tiger Direct” to show up. Residents should be aware that callers can reset their Caller ID to display anything, therefore, a Caller ID should not be considered verification that a call is legitimate. Features such as *57 or *69 after you disconnect are sometimes helpful in tracing or calling back a suspicious caller.