Mayor Most with Officer Michael Verwey 11-14-13

Retirements and New Officer Hired – The Lacey Township Police Department has a new officer in the ranks with the appointment on Thursday, November 14, 2013 of Michael Verwey as a lateral transfer from the Burlington City Police Department. Officer Verwey is a resident of Lacey Township who graduated from the Monsignor Donovan High School before attending Stockton State College. He worked for the Medford Police Department for more than six years before drastic cuts resulted in the layoff of 12 police officers. He transitioned to the Burlington City Police Department where he specialized in advanced traffic investigation and served as a SWAT operator with considerable training in advanced tactical operations. Officer Verwey was welcomed to our team at the Lacey Township Committee Meeting and will begin acclimation training on Monday, November 18, 2013.

Chief Paprota and Retired Officer Brignola 11-14-13Chief David A. Paprota also honored recent retirees from the ranks of the Lacey Township Police Department. The police department has experienced the retirement of three very valued members over the past twelve months. Officer Louis Brignola, Detective James Wood, and Sergeant Robert DiFrancesco were formally acknowledged for their contributions to Lacey Township throughout their careers. The police department has experienced the loss of 11 full-time officers since 2009 with 3 to 4 more retirements anticipated by July 1, 2014. The community will now see several new faces in patrol vehicles as the four officers hired in the spring are now completing their filed training.