Very Small PatchHandgun Permits Issued in 2013 – The Lacey Township Police Department processed and issued 867 handgun permits in 2013 which is up from 506 handgun permits processed and issued in 2012. The 71% increase from year-to-year continued a trend which began in 2008. Historically, the Lacey Township Police Department processed and issued an average of 200 handgun permits annually upon application from local residents in the years leading up to and through 2008.

The annual statistics for the issuance of handgun permits in Lacey Township is as follows:

Year           Handgun Permits Issued 

2013                          867

2012                          506

2011                          398

2010                          289

2009                          354

2008                          187

2007                          217

2006                          227

2005                          191


The handgun permits are issued based on strict criteria established under state law. Each application requires a comprehensive background check which is handled by the Lacey Township Detective Bureau and processing by Records Bureau personnel. Ultimately, each applicant’s background investigation report is reviewed by the Chief of Police and signed for issuance to the resident. The lengthy process is often delayed by required processes outside the control of the police department, including the receipt of responses by references who were provided by the applicant. References who do not return the form in a timely manner delay the process indefinitely.

Police department personnel diligently worked through the significant increase in applications in 2013.