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New Stealth Enforcement Vehicles – The Lacey Township Police Department has now implemented the use of a newly designed “stealth” patrol vehicle for the uniformed officers of the department. Currently, two vehicles are ready for patrol. They are specifically designed for enhance enforcement capabilities to assist with traffic safety as well as neighborhood crime detection patrols. Although they have all of the safety equipment that makes a patrol vehicle prominent on the roadway, these newly designed vehicles tend to go undetected until after an aggressive driver or law violator has committed to their unlawful/dangerous act(s). Officers utilizing the new vehicles have reported experiencing aggressive and dangerous drivers who speed by them or cut them off, etc., believing they are just any other Ford Explorer on the roadway. Of course, the aggressive driver quickly realizes otherwise once they take a closer look. Once the very bright and pronounced emergency lights are activated, there is no stealth aspect to the vehicles.

The new stealth vehicles are all-wheel-drive and are power by a 290 horse power 6 cylinder engine that gets far better gas mileage than the traditional 4-wheel-drive patrol trucks utilized by the department. Upon testing the vehicles prior to purchase, it quickly became evident they serve a much greater utility for the department than the tradition patrol car as well.