SWAT Comp Photo 2015 w Names

Department News – On Wednesday, September 30, 2015, Lacey Township Police Officers Charles May and Michael Verwey competed in the physical challenge known as the 2015 Iron Team Endurance Competition in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Officers May and Verwey were part of a four member team from the Ocean County Regional SWAT Team (South Platoon). In addition to Officers Charles May and Michael Verwey, the four officer team included Officer Joseph Stanziano from the Barnegat Township Police Department and Officer Dan Ivancich of the Little Egg Harbor Police Department. The four member team quickly established itself early in the competition by finishing 1st in the strength portion of the two-part competition. They went on to bring pride to Ocean County and their departments by finishing 2nd place overall in the grueling event. Officers Charles May and Michael Verwey continue to bring pride to the Lacey Township Police Department through this commendable accomplishment as well as their participation on the Ocean County Regional SWAT Team  (South Platoon) and their day-to-day proactive, uniformed, patrol work in Lacey Township.

The competition included 27 teams from around the east coast.

The competition included the following very challenging exercises:

  • Team Tire Flip ( performed while wearing a gas mask)
  • Keg Throw and Climb (performed while wearing a gas mask)
  • Low Crawl (performed while wearing a gas mask)
  • Utility Pole Flip/Carry
  • Clean and Press
  • Barrel Roll
  • Individual Tire Flip
  • 25-yard Tire Pull
  • Chain Drag
  • 1 Mile Trail Run
  • Equipment Carry
  • 100-yard Zodiac Boat Paddle
  • 100-yard Zodiac Boat Carry (Land)
  • 35-yard Water Crossing
  • 2 Mile Trail Run

More information regarding the competition can be found at the Prince George’s County Police Department website.