lacey_jan28Local Family Members Trained in the Use of Naloxone (Narcan) – Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Lacey Township residents Dan and Darla Dabal, members of 18 local families were trained in the use of Naloxone during an instructional session held at the recreation building in Lacey Township on Wednesday evening, May 21st, 2014. Dan and Darla Dabal worked with Chief Paprota to bring the staff of the South Jersey Aids Alliance to Lacey Township to train local parents who are struggling with a family member addicted to opioid pills or Heroin. The parents who attended currently live with the daily struggle of assisting a family member who is dealing with opioid addiction. The Naloxone provides the trained family member with an opportunity to assist a loved one should the addicted person relapse and overdose. The medical staff of the South Jersey Aids Alliance trained the parents in attendance and supplied each family with a Naloxone kit free of charge. All expenses related to the training were funded through the South Jersey Aids Alliance.

The Overdose Prevention Act of 2013 (N.J.S.A. 24:6j-1 et seq.) includes a provision that permits a person who “may be in a position to assist another individual during an overdose” to receive this special training and obtain the opioid antidote medication. The South Jersey Aids Alliance was gracious enough to offer and facilitate the training. A special thanks to Georgette Watson, Chief Operating Officer, and Babette Richter, RN, of the South Jersey Aids Alliance for their hard work and dedication to helping families deal with opioid addiction.